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PJC Organic Cold Pressed Juices are made fresh every day.  Never heated or processed, they are packed with live enzymes and energy.


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What is a Juice Fast?

Pittsburgh Juice

It's perfectly natural to be nervous before beginning your first Juice Fast/Cleanse because the idea of not consuming and digesting food/protein for days at a time usually contradicts the heath and wellness information we've lived with our entire lives.

First of all, know that your body is getting all of the nourishment it requires through a PJC Juice Program.  For most people the hardest things to adjust to is having an empty stomach, because instead of moving through the digestive track, which breaks down protein and dietary fiber in order to release amino acids, Fresh Juice delivers these nutrients and enzymes directly to your blood stream.  This gives your digestive system a break so that your body can utilize its energy in other ways.  A Juice Cleanse is a great way to expel pollutants and toxins that have built up within the body.

Try not to put yourself under too much pressure during your first Juice Cleanse.  Remember, if you become excessively hungry you can always munch on something raw and unprocessed without compromising the benefits of the cleanse.  After 2-5 days of a Juice Cleanse many people report increased energy and focus.  Your body will begin to crave this energized feeling that comes along with a healthy, raw diet.

Think of a Juice Cleanse as a kick start toward a sustainable lifestyle with a healthy and balanced diet.

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Why Cucumber?

Pittsburgh Juice

PJC uses cucumber as a base for our green juices for several reasons:

  • Cucumbers are highly alkaline and low in sugars
  • Cucumbers are both nutritive and hydrating, which means they are good for breaking down toxins and body fat so we can flush them from our systems
  • Cucumbers are high in silica, a trace element that is restorative for hair, nails, skin, bone density, joints and connective tissue
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