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Why is green scary?

Green Juice & Yoga Blog

This is a lifestyle blog.  It's about flooding your body with good things then breathing, sweating and squeezing all the bad things out.  It's about feeling good by getting back to the basics.  Green Juice and Yoga are two of the most basic things on earth.

Why is green scary?

Naomi Homison

Before I dedicated my career to the large-scale production of cold-pressed juice, I had a corporate office job.  My colleagues and I engaged in typical workplace banter, in which my role was the health nut/yoga girl. So it's not surprising that the first time I brought a Green Juice to work it was examined, scrutinized and ultimately tagged with a disapproving sticky note questioning:


Having grown up in a vegetarian family long before vegetarianism was trendy or even acceptable, I'm used to being heckled for my non-standard food choices and therefore was not deterred by mockery as I continued my morning ritual with homemade Green Juice in a mason jar. To my colleagues, most of whom subsist on a standard American meat and potatoes diet, my green juice more closely resembled Nickelodeon slime than food... I held back from pointing out that even Nickelodeon slime might have more nutritional value than the processed foods they eat every day.

Unfortunately, my former workplace is not an exception. Any time I step out of the "Health and Wellness Bubble" I experience the same resistance to Green Juice, manifesting itself as absolute terror at the thought of tasting a shot-sized sample of the stuff. These same folks, on a mission to lose weight, happily reach for a Diet Soda... because Soda in all its forms is familiar, culturally accepted and subliminally hammered into our subconscious as fun, attractive and cool. Therefore, Diet Soda by its very name must be the best thing to drink for anyone who is conscientious of their calorie intake or wants to be more healthy... right? Wrong.

Let's put this in perspective.  The thing made exclusively of organic fruit and vegetable ingredients, straight from mother nature's sun drenched fields vs. the thing in which five of the eight ingredients are chemical compounds produced in a laboratory to achieve color, aesthetic and simulated "natural" flavor.

Consider this: the human body in all its complexity is comprised of a handful of the most basic elements. When you add a bunch of complex chemical compounds, like the ones in your Diet Soda, internal systems go haywire attempting to break down these foreign compounds... the body doesn't know what to do. As these compounds are digested and processed, toxins are released, building up in deposits within our anatomy... potentially, over time, causing a multitude of digestive, circulatory and larger anatomic issues.

Green Juice, in contrast, provides phytonutrients, vitamins, antioxidants, enzymes and regenerative trace elements, increasing alkalinity in the body and promoting ability to digest, detox and fight inflammation.

So why is green scary while fizzy, bubbling brown is normal? Clearly it has a lot to do with marketing and messages we are fed from the time we are young. Food Enlightenment is only just beginning and more is being revealed every day... But it's hard to convince an old office worker the food they've eaten all their life is making them ill.

After a few months my Green Juice routine became less of a spectacle at work. My mason jar became a fixture, and a point of conversation for the more open minded individuals. But until a Green Juice Company starts sponsoring Superbowl commercials, billboards and magazine ads we have a ways to go before our meat and potato loving friends are liable to jump on the juice wagon.