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PJC Organic Cold Pressed Juices are made fresh every day.  Never heated or processed, they are packed with live enzymes and energy.

Sustainable improvement: COMPOST

Green Juice & Yoga Blog

This is a lifestyle blog.  It's about flooding your body with good things then breathing, sweating and squeezing all the bad things out.  It's about feeling good by getting back to the basics.  Green Juice and Yoga are two of the most basic things on earth.

Sustainable improvement: COMPOST

Naomi Homison

 Even Though at The Pittsburgh Juice Company we SQUISH organic fruits and veggies with 14 tons of hydraulic force (leaving a dry and fibrous byproduct), I always found it a shame to discard the nutrient-dense pulp. We use what juice pulp we can for raw foods (spring rolls, spinach crisps, fruit leather, etc) AND we've always offered excess pulp to the community, but being in an urban environment we quickly max-out the capacity of any casual composters and there was always waste.

A s of this month, I am proud to announce that we are composting all of our excess juice pulp through a custom-built system housed at our new commissary in the Strip District. Many thanks to Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurant and Lawrenceville Corporation for making this possible through a sustainable improvement grant and for featuring us in the sponsored education piece in Table Magazine's 10th Anniversary Edition!

Naomi with a juice pulp "parfait"

Naomi with a juice pulp "parfait"