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PJC Organic Cold Pressed Juices are made fresh every day.  Never heated or processed, they are packed with live enzymes and energy.

Staying Hyrated

Green Juice & Yoga Blog

This is a lifestyle blog.  It's about flooding your body with good things then breathing, sweating and squeezing all the bad things out.  It's about feeling good by getting back to the basics.  Green Juice and Yoga are two of the most basic things on earth.

Staying Hyrated

Naomi Homison

New Year's Resolution: DRINK MORE WATER 💦

Though I drink a ton of fresh juice, I have a hard time squeezing in a glass of water here and there... Water is so important! It helps absorb and distribute micronutrients (like the ones in juice) throughout our bodies while flushing out the toxins. Water makes up 60% of our body mass so it's not surprising that our brains are strongly influenced by hydration levels... ever feel flustered or experience "brain fog" when dehydrated? It's a real thing... H2O💖