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PJC Organic Cold Pressed Juices are made fresh every day.  Never heated or processed, they are packed with live enzymes and energy.

The Juice Team

Siblings Naomi and Zeb Homison were raised in a vegetarian household in rural Pennsylvania, in a time when vegetarianism was not a widely accepted nor well understood phenomenon.  "As a child I took our healthy lifestyle for granted, along with the whole, unprocessed, nutritive foods that were always on my plate," reflects Naomi.

Through their separate life experiences and world travels, Naomi and Zeb each found their way back to a primarily raw and plant-based diet because of one simple reason.  As Naomi puts it, "When you eat well, you feel good.  Juicing is the epitome of this.  After drinking a green juice I feel like I can take on the world."

Now back in western Pennsylvania, Naomi and Zeb are happy to introduce a Fresh Cold-Pressed Juice culture to their hometown, which over the past decade has become more accepting of fresh foods and beverages that don't include a topping of French fries.

Alongside Zeb's yoga studio, The Pittsburgh Juice Company has become a catalyst and a staple for health and wellness in Pittsburgh.

Naomi HomisonManaging Director

Zeb Homison, Technical Director

Zeb HomisonTechnical Director

Our staff of passionate and well-trained Juicologists follow recipes and procedures to carefully craft each small batch of PJC products while ensuring quality and consistency. Bringing knowledge and expertise from related fields and lifestyles, PJC Juicologists are constantly pushing the limits with cutting-edge ideas for raw, vegan, gluten-free, organic beverages and snacks. 


If you love drinking Fresh Juice and want to share the awesome way you feel with the rest of the world, why not become a Juicologist? We are always on the lookout for friendly, energetic, hard working individuals to join our team.

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